Tradition, Quality, Innovation


When Domingos Costa Ferreira founded his company, DOCOFIL, in 1978, few anticipated that it would become known worldwide as a recognized trust mark.

40 years have passed and now in the second generation of owner-management, this family enterprise attaches a great matter to ensuring premium quality levels followed high standards of environmental protection. Today DOCOFIL invests 2% of sales turnover in I&D as it aspires towards new production techniques and trendsetting.

With a wide range of home textile products, DOCOFIL works with the most prestigious brands, assuming as its 1st priority the quality of raw materials. This sustained success naturally led to the start of a private label, considered the whooping of the company.



Betting on new strategies, high infrastructure investments, daring and seeking distinguished characteristics allowed great enforcement in quality control parameters and new production patterns which also granted a sustainable growth in the luxury goods marketing area.

The main goal is to offer the best market solutions without undermining the attained levels of efficiency, demand and quality.

In 2018 - a time that the company took to make a balance of a 40 years activity and set new goals to the future - a third stage of development will be presented backed up in higher commitments to Research and Development.

40 years moved by a firm commitment to excellence for a future sustainability.



Quality Policy

In the face of a highly competitive and demanding market, growth and consolidation of Docofil depends strongly on the ability of our Organization continuously improve our productivity, the quality of our products, our responsiveness to market requests and the satisfaction of our customers. To this end we ensure our deep commitment and we demand and hope the involvement of all employees.


The new competencies required for workers, the growing versatility and flexibility are for us challenges assume lead, aware that only in this way can we improve our competitiveness.

Docofil management undertakes to comply with the requirements of the quality system and provide the means to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.





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